What is Spotify?

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It's difficult to separate music from everyday life. In fact, music has become a close part of our activities every day. Music distribution media also continues to evolve in line with the times. If in the past the main distribution of music was via radio, in the internet era like now music distribution is common through music streaming services.

Spotify is a music streaming service, where you can listen to millions of music in it through various devices. In Apple's own ecosystem, Spotify you can enjoy on iPhone, iPad, even Mac. Spotify also provides a web player that you can access via a browser, and soon also will release Spotify for Apple Watch.

Spotify vs. Apple Music: The advantages of Spotify

Apple actually also has music streaming services, it has even been integrated directly through the Music application on iPhone / iPad, and iTunes on Mac. But there are some advantages of Spotify compared to Apple Music, including:

Spotify has better music discovery. You can more easily explore new songs that you might like based on artists, related songs, Daily Mix features, Public playlists, and so on. Finding and finding favorite songs on Spotify feels easier than at Apple Music - at least until now.

Spotify has a free account option, which despite being supported by advertisements and can not be downloaded offline, but enough to make you enjoy millions of music even if you do not subscribe paid.
Spotify is available on a variety of platforms, not only on Apple devices. Although Apple Music is also available on Android, Spotify is available on a wider platform, even Windows Phone / Windows 10 Mobile!
UX and the Spotify UI feel more friendly and easy to navigate than Apple Music.
Spotify's monthly fees are also cheaper than Apple Music.
Spotify vs. Apple Music: Spotify deficiency
Although it has many advantages, for you Apple device users, Spotify also has some disadvantages, including:

Compared to Apple Music, there are some artists whose song collections are incomplete on Spotify - not even at all. Some of them intentionally don't want to work together because Spotify provides a free version that for some artists and labels is considered less profitable.
You also have to install the Spotify application yourself, in contrast to Apple Music which has been integrated in iOS, macOS, etc. spotify premium download


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