Understanding and Benefits From URL Shortener

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Short which means short and then added the word of course my friend has a little understand what I discuss this time, well for those of you who do not understand about URL Shortener can read a little understanding below.

URL Shortener is when we get a long web / blog address is not easy to memorize, well the function of URL Shortener is to shorten the URL example "http://freoisopwer.blogspot.com//2016/03/pengertian-dan- benefit-from-url-shortener.html "but I will shorten it with the help of Google URL Shortener to" http://goo.gl/Wlb2kX " 

How to get it, let's go further read some URL Shortener provider site benefits and kelebihanya .

Google URL Shortener

Benefits of Google URL Shortener:
After reading the above understanding if we want to shorten the URL can use a service made by Google how my friend simply access "https://goo.gl after and please paste the URL you want dishortener.

The advantages of Google URL Shortener

The advantages of Google service this one is when we want to do Short url you have to verify Google Captcha to avoid spam, not only that you can also see the detail of the number of clicks.

Bitly URL Shortener

Benefits of Bitly URL Shortener:
The benefits of URL Shortener provider this one is also not much different as above is the same to shorten the URL.

The advantages of Bitly URL Shortener
The advantages of this site is that after we make a short URL we can replace the URL address that has been dishort example "http://bit.ly/1Ua4Oj8" I will change to "http://bit.ly/Freesopwer"

AdFly URL Shortener

Benefits of AdFly URL Shortener
Besides shortening the URL it turns out this site can also generate coffers of dollars from the internet, it is easy enough my friend to stay register on the site AdFly please go to "http://adf.ly" after that do short url and share the short results to friends buddy via Facebook, BBM, SMS, or others.

In order for us to get a dollar with a short URL from AdFly certainly there bebarapa kebijkan made, we will get earnings after friends or anyone visit the url short results for 5 seconds.

Shorte St URL Shortener

Benefits of Shorte St URL Shortener:
The benefits are also the same as the site URL provider above, well kok same again fit the title Benefits of URL Shortener, so in addition to helping us in activities in doing URL Short we can also get additional income from Shorte St how easy enough please Register to Shorte St and do things the same as the AdFly site. url shortener domains

Well that's all I can share today, hopefully can help sorry for sir please correction. do not forget to leave a comment.


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