Tips for choosing the right shampoo to treat damaged hair

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Caring for damaged hair is not an easy matter because you have to know the right product so that your hair can be healthy again. Here are some tips for choosing the following shampoos for damaged hair:

Know Your Hair Type and Scalp

Before buying shampoo, you must first know your hair type in order to get maximum results after use. Even though most shampoo can cleanse, not all the ingredients in shampoo match and support what your scalp and hair need. There are several types of hair that you should know like

Normal. This type of hair is stable, does not lack or excess oil (sebum) on the scalp. In addition, the state of the hair is not too curly or smooth.

Greasy. Generally, sebum keeps the hair moist so that the hair is not dry and damaged. However, excessive sebum on the scalp can cause loose hair and trigger hair loss.

Dry. Hair that lacks sebum, causing hair to become less moist and dehydrated. As a result, the hair can break easily.

Smooth. Generally fine hair is hair that is easy to regulate. However, the condition is the hair looks thin.

Curly. If fine hair is generally manageable, curly hair is the opposite. Because of its curly shape, this hair is difficult to adjust and looks more volume.

Adjust to the Hairstyle

One way to choose a shampoo for damaged hair is to adjust it to your hair style. Besides the texture and type of hair it turns out that hairstyles can also determine how to choose the right shampoo for damaged hair. One example is if you have a bob hairstyle or straight hair you will be very suitable to use a shampoo that has volumizing content so that in addition to your hair being nourished and recovered, your hair will look fluffy and not soaked.

In addition, if you have curly hair and expand, choose a shampoo that is specific to both problems.

Use shampoo with natural ingredients

One of the tips on choosing shampoo for the next damaged hair is that you have to choose shampoo that is formulated or which has natural ingredients. Why is natural-based shampoo important because you basically use shampoo almost every day, if you use shampoo from unnatural ingredients, it will damage your hair. 
Then some chemicals found in certain shampoo products will make you allergic or irritated. You should avoid using shampoo products that contain lots of high-grade chemicals.

Maximize with the right product

One of the tips on choosing shampoo for the next damaged hair is that you have to choose shampoo with the right product. What is meant by the right product means that the shampoo corresponds to the texture, type and style of your hair so you get maximum results. One  that you can use is Biolage Advanced Repairinside Shampoo. 

This shampoo is formulated with Arginine and soybeans, Biolage Advanced Repairinside Shampoo cleanses and softens severely damaged hair, restores the luster of your hair and repairs branching hair. Then you can maximize it with the Biolage Advanced Repairinside conditioner providing intense softness to the hair and being able to penetrate to the intra-cellular repairing hair fibers from the inside. For more intensive care you can also provide serum Biolage Advanced ScalpSync Aminexil which serves to stimulate the scalp to reduce hair loss and nourish the scalp for better hair growth. With the ScalpSync formula that helps balance the scalp, making your hair look clean and healthy.

Those are some tips for choosing shampoo for damaged hair that you make reference in choosing shampoo. It's a good idea to choose products that contain natural ingredients so that when you use usage with a long period of time your hair will not be damaged.


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