One Piece Devil Fruit Type Facts

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Devil fruit is a fruit which has characteristics, namely: the taste is very unpleasant, has a circular pattern like Sanji's eyebrows, and there are various colors and shapes. Only with one bite will a person / animal who eats fruit will get super strength that is hard to accept. Even so, this fruit has considerable side effects, namely devil fruit eaters will not be able to swim or deep sea / pond is their weakness.
Until now, only 3 types of devil fruit were found, namely:

1.       Paramecia Type of Devil Fruit
Sipemakan will get super strength that is hard to accept, and this fruit is the most eaten fruit in One Piece, examples of fruit eaters and eaters include:

- Monkey D Lufy: Gomu-Gomu no Mi, he can bend the body like rubber (Rubber Man)

- Brook: Yomi-Yomi no Mi, allows him to be able to live again after death, but only in his skull.

- Trafalgar Law: Ope-Ope no Mi, he can exchange human bodies with other humans or with other objects in a particular area.

- Nico Robin: Hana-Hana no Mi, can multiply parts of her body to thousands.

- Buggy the Clown: Bara-Bara no Mi, can separate his own body parts.

- Mr.3: Doru-Doru no Mi, he can make various inanimate objects from wax (Manusi Lilin).

- Mr..1 Dazz Bones: Supa-Supa no Mi, he can turn a part of his body into a very sharp knife.

- Mr..2 Bon Clay: Mane-Mane oso Mi, allows him to imitate someone's face after touching the face of the person to be imitated.

- Gecko Moria: Kage-Kage no Mi, can take the shadow of others, can turn the dead into zombies.

- VeryGood: Beri-Beri no Mi, can separate his body into small parts, like berries.

- Shu: Sabi-Sabi no Mi, if someone's body or body is held by him, then the body or thing will become rusty (Human Rust).

- Perona: Horo-Horo no Mi, can make ghosts and detonate them, if someone is pierced by his body by that person, then that person will lose enthusiasm to live (become a frutation).

- Edward Newgate (Whitebeard): Gura-Gura no Mi, can create an earthquake from both hands, even a tsunami can be made by him (Earthquake Man). - And there are many more Paramecia-type Devil Fruit users. Oh yes, there are also unknown names of Paramecia Fruit, which are fruits eaten by Eustass Captain Kid, Basil Hawkins, Scrachmen Appo, Jewelry Bonney, Capone Bege, Urouge, all of which are Supernovas.

2.       Devil Type Zoan Fruit
Whoever eats this type of devil fruit, both animal and human, he will be able to transform into animal and human forms but not completely. Examples of fruits and eaters include:

- Tony-Tony Chopper: Hito-Hito no Mi, has the power to transform into human form, which Chopper was originally only a Wildebeest he can also speak like a human. Besides human form, he can also change into other forms, such as: Deer with Stumpy Hands, Giant Monsters etc. by eating Rumble Ball.

- Rob Lucci: Neko-Neko no Mi Leopard type, he can transform into a leopard, which increases speed and strength beyond the strength of ordinary humans.

- Kaku: Ushi-Ushi no Mi Type of Giraffe, can transform into a giraffe, not a giraffe, he can turn into a giraffe that has a boxy and hard body.

- Jabura: Inu-Inu no Mi Type Wolf, werewolf, so he can transform into a Wolf that has incredible speed and strength.

- Chaka: Inu-Inu no Mi Type of Jackal, an Arabasta guard who can transform into a Dog (Dog Man).

- Pell: Tori-Tori no Mi Type Falcon, another Arabasta Guards, he can transform into a falcon.

- Ms. Merry Chrismas: Mogu-Mogu no Mi, has the power of a Ground Rat, which can run fast in the ground.

- Boa Sandersonia: Hebi-Hebi no Mi Anaconda type, he can transform into Anaconda Snake.

- Boa Marigold: Hebi-Hebi no Mi Cobra Type, making him able to transform into a Cobra Snake.

- Frunkreed (Gajah Spandam): Zou-Zou no Mi, initially he was just an ordinary sword, but with government technology, the Sword of Spandam can transform into an elephant that has considerable power.

- There is another Ancient Zoan Type Devil Fruit that is owned by X-Drake, which can turn into a Dinosaur. And maybe there are many more people or animals that eat this Zoan Type of Devil Fruit.  

3.       Logia Type Devil Fruit

In my opinion, this is the strongest type of Devil Fruit, because whoever eats this, he will have the power of nature, even his whole body can turn into his stiffness and that person is not capable of solid weapons. for example: fire (will be human fire), light (human light), ice (ice man), etc. Below are examples of some One Piece Figures who eat Logia Type fruit:

- Portgas D Ace: Mera-Mera no Mi, making it a Fire Man, can make fire from all over his body and can become fire itself.

- Marshall D Teach (Blackbeard): Yami-Yami no Mi (Dark Man), is a special logia-type demonic spirit, because he is not penetrated by solid weapons, but instead he can absorb or eliminate the power of other demonic fruit that he holds like Gravity .

- Sir Crocodile: Suna-Suna no Mi, making it able to make sand storms, quicksand etc. related to sand, even he can absorb liquid from someone until the person looks like a corpse until finally dies (Sand Man).

- Monkey D. Dragon: Kaze-Kaze no Mi, (Man of the wind) can control the wind at will, he can also make a huge windstorm.

- Aokiji / Kuzan: Hie-Hie no Mi, the ice man, can freeze the ocean in a wide enough environment.

- Kizaru / Borsalino: Pika-Pika no Mi, has the speed of light, can shoot light from his hands and feet, and can make swords from light. (Light Man).

- God Enel: Goro-Goro no Mi, can bring lightning from all over his body, can become lightning itself, only has one weakness, namely the attack does not work against rubber.

- And there is also a Devil Fruit belonging to Akainu / Sakazuki, so he can remove magma from his body, the Magma Man, but the name of the fruit is still unknown, but some say the name of the fruit is Mogu-Mogu no Mi, but this is still uncertain. Anoboy sao season 3

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