How to Plant Aloe Vera Inside Polybag

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Limited land is not a problem for those of you who want to grow aloe vera. Currently you can grow aloe vera with easy to use polybag. You can grow aloe vera on limited land. Planting aloe vera inside polybags will make it easier for you to take care of. You do not have to worry about the growth of your aloe plant because aloe vera can grow well even in polybags. You can take advantage of the land you have and use this method to develop aloe vera. Or you can also try to read  how to plant a mustard greens  to fill your home yard. How to grow aloe vera in polybags is not too difficult. You can start by following these tips.

There are some things you need to consider when you will cultivate aloe vera by using polybags. You need to adjust the distance polybag, fertilizing, irrigation and also other treatments. Penaggulangan pests are also included as a very important thing so that the cultivation of aloe vera on the land that is not too broad can still be successful. Aloe vera is a plant that is very rich in benefits so many people who need it. You can use this plant as a medicinal plant, beauty treatments can even be used as a healthy food ingredient. How to grow aloe vera in polybag can be started by preparing the ingredients that will be used to grow aloe vera.

How to Plant Aloe Vera in Polybag

Preparation Planting Aloe Vera

You can grow aloe vera in polybag in your house so it will be easier for you when you need this plant. first you can prepare a polybag that will be used as a media plant. The size of the polybags is worth noting. You can use polybags with a size that is not too large in order to plant more aloe vera in your home yard. You can choose polybag with diameter size about 20cm. this size is not too large but is suitable for planting in limited land. How to grow aloe vera in polybag next is to fill polybag with soil as planting medium.

Making Media Planting

You can mix sand, soil and also manure with a ratio of 2: 1: 1. This comparison will give the right media to grow aloe vera. Media planting that you mixed then you can fill into the already available polybags. Fill properly and not too full for aloe vera can grow well. How to grow aloe vera in polybag is very easy and also gives you an efficient space for aloe vera growth. After all the polybag you prepared is filled with soil that has been combined with the fertilizer and also the sand, the next step you should do is to plant aloe vera.

Planting aloe vera

How to grow aloe vera in polybag this can be said very easy. You only need to prepare as little aloe vera seeds as you need. Anakan aloe vera is a fitting seedlings to be developed by using polybags. Planting aloe vera seeds in polybags or crocodiles is just like planting on other plants. The thing you need to consider is about the depth of the planting. You should not be too planted seedlings liadh crocodile seeds too deep so that plants do not rot and not too shallow so that plants do not easily collapse.

Fertilizing plants

For the cultivation of plants then you should know about the dosage and also how the right way of fertilization. How to grow aloe vera in polybag that has been done well then certainly need proper fertilization as well. You can use NPK fertilizer or can also use organic fertilizer. If you use NPK fertilizer then you can give 2 gr of fertilizer for every polybag you have. Another option for good fertilizer is organic liquid fertilizer. You can choose which fertilizer is most appropriate. fertilizer can be done every two weeks so that your plants are always healthy and also grows fertile. After you give the fertilizer properly then you should also pay attention to other treatments.

Watering for aloe vera plant

Aloe vera plant is a plant that does not need much water, but watering is still needed especially if the dry season arrives. You can do watering plants every day as much as one time only because if the plants too much water can actually lead to decay. When the rainy season you do not need to irrigate. Giving this water must also be in accordance with the size of polybags, do not let you watering to create a pool of water on polybags because it can make your plants die. Aloe vera is not a water plant that needs a lot of water to grow. How to grow aloe vera in a suitable polybag will produce a healthy plant.

Aloe vera lighting

Aloe vera is a plant that needs lots of light throughout the day. the land you should prepare to grow aloe vera is in areas exposed to the heat all day so that the cost tongue can get enough light. With sufficient light then the growth of Aloe vera can be maximized. You can do tips on how to grow aloe vera in polybag so you can get aloe vera plant that grows maximally. Aloe vera placement is a very important thing so you should really set up the right location around your house. After the aloe vera plants grow well and ready to harvest, then you can harvest it. The right age for aloe vera plants ready for harvest is about 6 months. You can pick aloe vera from the oldest leaves. kwiaciarnia internetowa lublin


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