Benefits And How Important Are Guest Blogging For Blog Promotion

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scrape google search results In the previous article, I have explained about Understanding Guest Blogging . Some of you may already understand this about Guest Blogging. But, I made this post for beginners in the blog world. Well, this time I will explain what benefits I can get when you become a guest blogger on a blog. Everything is based on my experience and thoughts because I have been a guest blogger twice on the blog.
Below are some benefits and why blogging is important.

1. Make Good Relationships With Other Bloggers

Guest Blogging is one model of a "win-win solution" strategy, which is a mutually beneficial strategy. When you send quality & original guest articles to a blog, the owner will be happy because they feel they benefit from the presence of your posts. This can be the beginning of friendship. Friendship and friendship in the world of blogs is very important.
You will easily ask for help, add insight and even make business cooperation with other bloggers because of this friendship.

2. Expand Your Network

As you make more and more relationships with other people, you are expanding your network. The extent of the network is a vital thing in a business. The wider your network, the easier it will be to get consumers.

3. Quality Backlinks

About 80% of a site's SEO factors are from the quality and number of backlinks. Well, being a guest blogger is one of the best ways to get quality backlinks. In guest blogging activities, backlinks can be spelled out as wages for guest bloggers. However, be careful in hunting backlinks in guest blogging. If the guest articles that you send are non-quality articles or spam, and are sent to non-quality blogs, the backlinks will backfire for you. Most likely can have an effect on reducing your blog's SEO. And worst of all, you can be banned by Google because of that.

4. New Audience / Visitors

When you become a guest blogger on a blog, you are introducing your blog. This will attract new visitors to your blog. The more quality your guest articles are, the more new and loyal visitors will be to your blog. You will get a good image because of this.

5. Increase Authority And Brand

With guest blogging, you will be seen by others that you are indeed a blogger who provides many benefits. With this, you will have good authority in their eyes. Automatic Your product brand (if it exists) will also go up too.


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