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Many people say that blogging is cheap or even free. Everyone can blog and as long as they are diligent they can succeed. Unfortunately, making a successful blog takes a long time and during that time there is no small amount to spend. keyword search database

I will describe the details of the actual costs (REAL) needed to create a blog. Creating a blog is free if you use a platform like blogspot / wordpress, but of course there are many restrictions and not always you will rely on free hosting.

These are the costs that you should at least spend on creating a blog:

1. Domain + hosting

It's very difficult to make an interesting blog if you use a free domain like or Paid domains will show that you are professional and serious in managing your website, besides that you also need hosting to store your data on the internet.

The cost for a domain varies depending on the type of domain suffix you buy (.com / / .id / .net / etc.), the price range is around Rp. 100,000-150,000, - / year.

Then for hosting also depends on the type of hosting package that you buy whether shared hosting / dedicated hosting and so on. But for novice bloggers usually choose a shared hosting package that has a small size and costs very cheaply around Rp. 150,000-200,000 / year.

The greater the traffic / visitor of your blog, the more resources it will require, and inevitably you have to buy a hosting package that is more expensive. For a normal blog with a visitor of 1000-2000 / day usually requires a host that costs around 1 million rupiah / year.

But this can be cheaper if you still use free hosting like . So you only need to buy a domain (using a credit / paypal card) and put your domain on the wordpress server.

2. Internet + laptop

Surely blogging needs an internet connection and the cost of blogging can be very expensive if you use an internet quota system. You must update your blog / website regularly, check traffic and analytics, find inspiration + pictures + quotes, download additional features / plugins, market blogs, monetize, and others. It is recommended that a blogger use unlimited internet packages because it will be much more free in finding sources / inspiration, more free to write / work, and obviously the cost is also cheaper.

For the cheapest unlimited packages you can get at a price of Rp. 150,000 / month with speed which in my opinion is quite optimal for blogging.

Then do not forget you need a computer / laptop that is fast enough to expedite your blogging activities (imagine how long if you have to blog from a cellphone / tablet), if you have a tablet it might be tricked by using a portable keyboard.

3. Time

Obviously blogging needs time, ranging from searching for writing inspiration , searching for images, optimizing plugins / blog views, marketing blogs, writing articles and so on. On average, a blog will get good traffic / stable after 4-6 months, meaning you have to spend around (depending on how diligent you are) 4-6 hours a day for blogging for 6 months or around 700-1000 hours to be able to generate traffic enough to start monetizing. Maybe it can be faster or slower depending on your quality and hard work.



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