6 Things You Need to Know About Acupuncture

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Although it has been around for centuries, most people don't seem to know much about acupuncture therapy. In addition, this ignorance also triggered myths and misconceptions about acupuncture practices that have developed in today's society. facial acupuncture 

Here are some things you should know about acupuncture therapy:

Acupuncture is not painful

When you are going to take acupuncture therapy, of course you will imagine that many needles and needles are always associated with pain. Imagine how you face when imagining this. But acupuncture does not use the same needle as a needle or sewing needle that you know so far. Acupuncture needles are smaller and more flexible, even thinner than a single hair. When the needle is inserted into the body, you will feel a little pain and not as painful as a normal needle. However, if you have a phobia of syringes, you must first say it to your acupuncturist before the procedure starts.

Acupuncture therapy is not just to relieve pain.

There are many benefits of acupuncture. Acupuncture can treat pain caused by back pain, neck pain, pain after surgery and others. Acupuncture can also treat various stomach disorders, mestruation irregularities, allergies, insomnia and so on. For that, first consult your problem with the acupuncturist before taking treatment.

Just like medicine, acupuncture also has a dose of giving.

Most of you don't feel at home just sitting waiting for the acupuncture session to take place and then not coming for the next session. But like eating medicine, you can't just undergo a therapy session once you get well. You need to undergo several acupuncture sessions to get good results. But if you don't get improvement after 10 acupuncture sessions, then you should look for another acupuncturist.

Acupuncture is not a religious practice

This is a common and popular myth about acupuncture. The fact is that acupuncture treatment has nothing to do with any religion. The goal of acupuncture therapy is to try to balance the energy level in the human body in a very natural way.

Acupuncture has no side effects

Unlike modern medicine, acupuncture has no side effects. Even your body will feel calm, sleep better, reduce stress and make your digestion smoother. 
Acupuncture treatment is included in insurance 
Did you know that acupuncture treatment is relatively expensive in some countries. Therefore, there are several insurance companies that plan to cover costs for acupuncture treatment. You can ask the insurance company you are using.


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