4 Ways to Overcome Full Android Memory

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For the owners of smartphones, you must often experience the memory condition on your mobile phone so full of speed. In fact, you feel you have few mobile applications embedded in it. In fact, to update the mobile application was finally unable to because of the memory that fullness.

Well, if you guys often or ever experience this, do not worry! Because, there are several ways to overcome them. Let's see directly below.

1. Delete an offline movie and music service

In addition to photos and videos, the most memory-consuming mobile phone apparently is movies and music. Therefore, if you often watch movies or listen to music online, do not forget also to remove the movie or music instead of adding memory contents on your smartphone.

2. Sync photos and videos to Google Photo

Uploading photos and videos to Google Photo is one of the alternatives you can do to make memory on your smartphone not to become full quickly. However, it's good for you to use a WiFi connection when you upload it because it will take up quite a lot of data quota.

3. Clearing the cache of mobile applications

Cache is data in the form of information and any links that exist in a mobile application. Unwittingly, storing too much of this cache can take up memory on your smartphone. To delete it you need to go to Settings > Apps > Clear Cache . You do not have to be afraid that your data can disappear, because deleting this cache will not have much effect on mobile applications.

4. Delete data from the browser

The data in the browser often makes the memory on the smartphone so full. Usually, the data stored by the browser is a password, so we do not need to write it back every time to login. To delete it, go to Settings> Privacy> Clear Browsing Data. tasche in plexiglass


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